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 Money Making tips!

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PostSubject: Money Making tips!   Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:02 pm

Every one wants be rich no1 wants to be poor so to all new and old players who dont know how to get good i suggest you go and kill teh pro you will need pray pots super attack and super strength he drops alot of good stuff including dragon axe dragon boots dragon scimitar and korasi and money(1m each time) and ull need to pray meele for fastest and best way to kill him after u get your inventory of goodies go to edgville in pk tele and go in the middle and talk to the shop keeper to sell them for me each trip is about a good 5-10m but on the other hand if you dont want to fight teh pro cuz its to crowded i reccomend hunter because its fast to level 99 and each dragon impling are 75keach which is 2m inventory and each ninja implings are 50k to buy a net go to bob or go to agility in advance training and search in crates after that youll teleport to hunting skill in advance skilling teleport and go for baby implings then young implings,then baby implings, until 21 then you do gourmet implings, then you do after gourmet you do earth implings at level 36 and so on and on if you need help with anything please pm in game rush 4 weed okay Cool
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Money Making tips!
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