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 Xhax... ..Oh dear :/

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PostSubject: Xhax... ..Oh dear :/   Wed May 09, 2012 1:17 pm

Hello all,
this is the promised video of exposing Xhax. Now alot of you may not know the story, so i will come clean with it as I have nothing to hide.

I wanted to donate with the server, and i thought RSGP was the easist and best way for me to do it, so i ask Xhax and saying i want to donate. Seeing as he is a Mod i was sure to trust him.

I have to wait 7 days till i can post a youtube video... so..


I have the skype convo but i will send it to those such as SPikey or moderaters

I paid 60m for Full pernix, Virtus, Divine, Chaotic Crossbow and Chaotic Staff.

I Think how its unfair that i have been manipulated into purchasing and donating to this moderator simply because due to his rank, he could use us however he likes. [no homo indented]

Now that is my youtube page, feel free to subscribe. santa
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Xhax... ..Oh dear :/
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