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 tips for summoning on oracle!

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PostSubject: tips for summoning on oracle!   Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:51 pm

ok this is my tip on getting summoning up the fastest they way you use less charms first ur gonna need alots of charms mostly blue because monsters that you summon with blue have more exp then gold or green okay first u use wolf bones till 23 then your gonna need raw rat meat and blue charm level up till 36 and start doing bronze minotuars(notice that i skip alot because these give more xp then the ones that use gold charms and green) you use bronze bars with blue charms and that gives a good amount of exp. after ur at lvl 46 start doing iron minoutars because minotaurs give good exp again all you need is blue charms after you get 56 summoning i would reccomend getting spirit kyatt as they give a few more exp than steel minotuars keep doing it till lvl 76 then do obsidan golen which give more and if they dont work do adamant minotaurs as soon as you hit 77 all u need to do is talon beast they give the most exp outta everything gl with getting 99 summoning oh and tip if you run out of blue use up other than get blues
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tips for summoning on oracle!
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