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 tips on my thoughts that would help server

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PostSubject: tips on my thoughts that would help server   Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:39 pm

i think that making exp higher for woodcutting and mining is essential because with low mining ull get low smithing and with low woodcutt ull get low fletching and firemaking other things i think spikey shud bring back the funpk and the red portal and adding 3 mods would be great because xhax and xbomba are on at diffrent times xbomba in morning and xhax in afternoon so adding a new mod for thos 3-6 hrs a mod isnt on would help indefinitley and i think spikey should add polypores , armadyl staff and ,bolas etc (even though i dont think that will be possible) and adding a playlist with all kinds of music From
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tips on my thoughts that would help server
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