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 turmoil pure's clan!

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PostSubject: turmoil pure's clan!   Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:14 am

hello there player's What a Face
if you read my other guide ( turmoil pure's guide) you know how to be one.
my turmoil pure name is :: turmoil .
if you wanna be in my clan name's : phalanx you have to do this stap's.

1. get the good stats ( stats are in turmoil pure's guide)
2. wear adamant (g) platebody&platelegs ( you can buy this from donater's for only 20m.
3. wear a slayer helm.
4. tell other people to become or made an turmoil pure .
5. come to all pk event's.

thanks for your time king Headhunterz
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turmoil pure's clan!
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